• In order to live

    'I am most grateful for two things: that I was born in North Korea, and that I escaped from North Korea.'

    'I wasn't dreaming of freedom when I escaped from North Korea. I didn't even know what it meant to be free. All I knew was that if my family stayed behind, we would probably die'. 

    In order to live - Yeonmi Park

    Yeonmi Park was not dreaming of freedom when she escaped from North Korea. She didn't even know what it meant to be free. All she knew was that she was running for her life, that if she and her family stayed behind they would die - from starvation, or disease, or even execution. This book is the story of Park's struggle to survive in the darkest, most repressive country on earth; her harrowing escape through China's underworld of smugglers and human traffickers; and then her escape from China across the Gobi desert to Mongolia, with only the stars to guide her way, and from there to South Korea and at last to freedom; and finally her emergence as a leading human rights activist - all before her 21st birthday.

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    Vendredi 19 Août 2016 à 12:53


    i think that can be interesting to read

    Lundi 22 Août 2016 à 13:26

    It is surely pretty interesting since one cannot imagine what they live there unless... One is born and one is living there. Reading it gives us an embryo of the situation. I am right into it, in the first part, the north corea one. The other two parts are dedicaded to china (once she has left) and South corea (where she leaves now I guess, but I am not sure so far). I am speechless.

    I admire that girl (23 years old today)

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